Sunday, July 25, 2010

San Diego Comicon, the Wrap-Up

It doesn't seem possible that it's been a whole year since my last Comicon wrap-up. Once again I'm struck by the problem of finding something new to say about things that have been endlessly picked apart, blogged about, and generally rehashed into a shapeless mass.

So this year I'm not even going to try. I'm going to show off some (very poorly lit) photos and leave most of the analysis to those less blurry-eyed after a weekend spent in a giant convention center and various hotel bars.

First off we have the above photo, take by Pat Loika (thanks Pat!), of Gabriel and me at our Image/Shadowline signing on Friday. Ted McKeever signed right after we did, and one of the highlights of my weekend was meeting him. Turns out that he is a fabulously nice guy!

It's impossible to see everything at SDCC, but we did manage to find a booth filled with Star Trek replicas. And they let us play with them! Hopefully this scanner is telling Gabriel that I'll live, but I'm not too sure judging by how serious we look.

Of course, there are tons, and I mean tons, of costumes to see as you wander the halls and nearby streets. I counted at least three different regenerations of The Doctor (including a female 11th Doctor), not to mention the fact that the city had to close down several blocks due to the shear number of zombies. I always enjoy the multi-person costumes too. That really takes dedication. What if you get in a fight during the show? You've got to really know you can depend on someone if you share a costume with them. Here's one of my favorites, a giant Pacman followed by four ghosts. Notice how he's about to eat the unsuspecting fellow in the silly hat.

Gabriel also had two signings at the Marvel booth where he did sketches and met fans. It was announced on Saturday that he is going to be the new artist on the Hulk book, so I guess it's okay for me to finally mention that here too.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see us at our signings! And to all of our friends who took time out of a very busy weekend to spend some time with us. Hopefully we'll see you again at the New York Comic Con!


  1. How have I missed your blog??? I have greatly enjoyed getting to know you via Facebook and Twitter! My son would probably pass out cold if I took him to a comicon! Maybe we will do that this coming year....he is really getting into creating his own comics. Glad I found your blog (finally....).

  2. Thanks so much! I really enjoy your tweets too. You really should try to take your son some year... It's truly a sight to see!

  3. Looks like you guys had fun! Hope to see you both out there next year!

  4. Nice blog! I missed Comicon this year. I envy you!

  5. Looks like a lot of fun! Pacman is genius.

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