Monday, October 4, 2010

The Thing About New York Comic Con...

Well, the main thing for me is that I won't be there this year! Working on the weekends does have some disadvantages, and a big one is that sometimes getting time off to go to conventions is impossible. But that doesn't mean that copies of Heathentown will be absent!

And better yet, Gabriel Hardman will be there to sell them to you. He'll be doing sketches too, holding down the fort at table I-15 in Artists Alley while I hold down the fort at home. This is our last Con for the year, so be sure to stop by if you get the chance. Wondering about prices? Here's the breakdown:

9x12 Inked Single Character Full Figure Sketch: $75

9x12 Inked Two Character Full Figure Sketch: $100

9x12 Inked Head Sketch: $30

He'll be there all weekend, October 8th through the 10th, or you can catch him while he's signing at the Marvel Comics booth on Sunday from 12 to 1 PM. His work on Hulk has been getting lots of attention so try to catch him early to get on the sketch list!

I'm sad that I can't be there too, but I'm glad that Gabriel is going. We lived in NYC once upon a time and have many fond memories of our time there. Like the time we put a box of old comic books out on the street and watched from our fire escape as people came by and plucked book after book out, happily taking them away to read. There were homeless guys, young kids on skate boards, a guy in a suit jacket... Obviously New York is a comics-loving town. So be sure to find table I-15 and show Mr. Hardman some comics love!


  1. What a nice story about giving old comics away - that is really cool! I hope Gabriel has a great time at the Con.

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