Monday, November 29, 2010

Giveaway Time!

Between visiting family, deadlines, plumbing issues, cat issues, dog issues, and filling orders, November was a bit hectic. Yet when I look back over the blog posts I've completed the number seems rather paltry. I wasn't that busy. Even so, more than 450 souls (or perhaps bots?) now follow this blog. I don't think I've earned it this month, but I'm really happy about each and every eyeball pair (or single) that reads my ramblings. And so, without further ado, I'd like to do another giveaway to say thanks.

You could win one of these pendants:

How? Simple! Just comment, and tell me what you'd like. Here are your choices:


Gian River Otter




And tell me what color you'd like:






I'll pick a matching bead and make you a lovely pendant if your comment is picked.

The winning comment will be chosen at random next Monday (December 6). You can comment until Midnight on Sunday (December 5). If you tweet about this, or post it on Facebook, please come back and leave another comment saying that you did. That way you can have up to three chances to win!

Thanks so much for reading my blog, and good luck with the giveaway! Of course, if you'd like to just buy a pendant, they are sold on the Tapir Preservation Fund website. If you have a questions about special orders, you can always contact me at my etsy shop or through the Tapir Preservation Fund!


  1. I love the otter! And blue is currently my favorite color! Good luck this season!!

  2. The number of blogs does not equate with how busy one is my dear. Plus, I find that when I get busy I blog less, so there would be a negative correlation between # of blogs and busyness if there is a correlation to begin with. ;-D man I got to get out of academia.
    On a more creative side, do you use a stencil or something to cut the metal sheet(s)?

  3. Thanks Miss Rebecca!

    Erin, lol! True enough. I actually draw the critter on tracing paper, then place it over the metal and cut along the lines with a little hand saw. Shhhh... trade secret ;)

  4. How fun! Yeah it can be tough to find time for blogging when life is so crazy.
    I love the black anteater.

  5. The Giant River Otter in brown of course! Though, I hear the Tapir is an incredibly amazing animal :-)

  6. I love your display. It's fun to see them all in one place! I like the new ones, too

  7. Reminds of the keychain I made for shop class years ago...but yours are thousand times better than mine :)

    Hate to be boring, but Black Jaguar is def. my fav - powerful, mysterious, and magnificent!

  8. i would like the one to the far left with the square brown stone on top of the animal . unfortunately not sure what animal it is .

    tumblemumbo at


  9. shared on my fb page under ana amanti


  10. I would love to win a black capybara! Thanks for the chance.


  11. Oh I would love the anteater for a very dear friend of mine who just happens to take very good care of anteaters (and bats and naked mole rats) for a living! I'd go with black if I were lucky enough to win it, since I really don't know what her color preference would be.

    And well done and well earned on the followers!

  12. Black anteater! (sorry to copy tattytiara : ) But, seriously, an anteater?! How awesome is that? Fantastic giveaway, thank you!!

  13. The jaguar in yellow would look great! Your blog is always interesting and entertaining.

  14. Yay! Just received your comment on my blog! Thank you!

    I'll e-mail you my mailing info. Thanks again :)


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