Saturday, January 8, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

Amazing that we are already eight days into 2011, or as some would have it, the Year of the Rabbit. Of course, around our house every year since 2009 has been the Year of the Rabbit. That's when we adopted Shallot... Or started to foster him. It wasn't supposed to be permanent. Yeah, right! You can read more about him here. He's a "special needs" bunny, but I'm happy to report that several days ago he was given a clean bill of health at his yearly physical. He'll always have to have his teeth trimmed every two weeks and his veggies chopped up for him, but he's come miles since we adopted him.

Marshmellow Garden
So, without further ado, I dedicate this blog post to bunnies everywhere. Want to do a little Year of the Rabbit shopping? Here are a few pretties I discovered while browsing Etsy...

First up is the unbearably cute "Marshmellow Garden" by Krisblue. I wonder if Shallot would feel calmer with this hanging near his hutch? Then again, if he were any calmer he'd be asleep. Never before have I met a bunny that wanted to be friends with a manic cat.

Hares Tshirt

Then there's this stunning Tshirt by NYhop... And it's even on sale! If only it were my size.

Rabbit and Carnelian Earrings

I'm not immune from making rabbit-themed things either. These earrings are new in my shop, The Frog Bag.

Rabbits - 1920s Illustration
But the cutest thing I found had to be this set of illustrations, rescued from a damaged childrens' book from the 20s, in Ephemera Obscura's shop.

Want to do more for domestic bunnies this year? Check out Bunny Luv for lots of tips, resources, and ways to help your favorite hopper. Another good resource is the House Rabbit Society. I hope everyone is having a fantastic Year of the Rabbit so far!


  1. Super idea for a post. I've just taught my elementary students about Chinese New Year and never thought to mention on my blog.
    Lovely shops

  2. Thanks!

    Pam, what a cool thing to teach the kids about!

  3. You know, my ex- girlfriend would love your post ;)

    That said, great post! :)


  4. Oh my! You're a crafter by night and zookeeper by day! I am so jealous of your job. I used to be an interpreter for the City of Calgary Parks and I loved it so much. I think we have lots in common. :) I'm following you now!


  5. Great gift ideas for my fellow friends born in the year of the rabbit.

    You know, in Vietnam, they have Year of the Cat instead.

  6. Those of us who love you best, knew that bunny foster was NEVER going to be temporary! What a lucky bunny!!

  7. That Jackrabbit clutch at NYhop is pretty sweet too. Congrats to sweet Shallot on passing the physical!

  8. Your bunny is just too cute. I would love to have rabbits, but unfortunately my dog would like them for dinner.

  9. Neat! We're studying rabbits for homeschool, so I'll have to share some of this info!

  10. it was inevitable Shallot was never going to leave ;-D
    i still have that stinkin turtle dove from CWC at my place. His name is Leopold now. Has an aviary with his mate Kate.
    something he might like are yogurtdrops. my rabbits LOVED them and they are soft!!


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