Monday, October 10, 2011

Where We'll Be in NYC

I can't believe that the New York Comic-Con is just a few short days away. I missed last year due to a scheduling conflict, but this year I'm excited to be there all four days, holding down Artist Alley table N12 with my husband and co-creater Gabriel Hardman. Gabriel will be doing sketches every day. Curious about prices? Here's a breakdown:

9x12 Inked Single Character Full Figure Sketch: $100

9x12 Inked Two Character Full Figure Sketch: $200

9x12 Inked Head Sketch: $50

You can also pick up a copy of our OGN Heathentown or get a sneak peek at original pages from our upcoming miniseries Betrayal of the Planet of the Apes, coming in November from BOOM! Comics.

See you soon, NYC!


  1. Aw man! I really want to go to comic con!!! Have fun for me ok :)

  2. Aw crap! I saw this too late! I decided against the NYC comic con because of the price and hoards of people in the pictures I'd seen. I would have made a point of it if I had known you would be there! :( Maybe next time...sigh...

  3. Thanks, Pattie!

    Malea, it was SO crowded! I think we're doing next year though, because we did really well. But man, just walking from one aisle to the next. SUCH a crush of people! Felt even more crowded than SDCC, if that's possible! I would love to meet you for real if you do go next year though!


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