Friday, July 6, 2012

Vancouver! This Weekend!

It kind of snuck up on me, but Gabriel and I are leaving tomorrow for Vancouver where we'll be attending the Vancouver Comic Con on Sunday, July 8th. I love any excuse to visit Canada so I'm looking forward to spending the weekend there (despite the fact that we have to get up at 3am tomorrow. Gasp!) This is a great little show full of wonderful people so if you're in town, drop by! You don't even have to pay to get in. Bring along a gently used graphic novel and your admission is free. All donated books are being donated to classrooms. How cool is that?

Gabriel will be doing sketches (you can see his price list here) and we'll be selling books. Hope to see you there!

DISCLAIMER: If you do attend, I can't promise I won't talk a lot about banana slugs. Man, those things are crazy! Couldn't get over seeing one in the wild last year. Comics in the class room and banana slugs. Why can't I be Canadian?


  1. Hahaha! I used to live in Washington and saw banana slugs a lot, especially when we would visit the coast. They are huge, gross, and fascinating all at the same time! :)

  2. We have them here in CALi ! I saw my first one in 1987 when we walked the Oakland hills whilst visiting a friend. We hadnt moved here yet. It was, hum, an unforgettable experience... and i'm sure it must have been a major reason why we moved. rotfl !

  3. Mentioned you in my blog post this morning...

  4. Haha, Brizel! They are... Um... Unexpectedly LARGE the first time you see them!

    Malea, thanks! Great post, I loved it! And your description is spot on, I must say... :)

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