Sunday, November 4, 2012

Is it Too Late to Say Happy Halloween?

Vera seemed to enjoy her first costume
Hard to believe that Halloween was almost a week ago and that we're well into November now. Especially since it's after dark and we still have the air on. Today was hot, no joke. Fall weather? Not in LA.

Anyway, happy late Halloween to everyone! Vera Kitten is more properly Vera Cat now since she turned one in September, but this was her first Halloween with us so of course she got her first costume. Much to our surprise she seemed to take it in stride.

Camila got to dress up too. She was a skunk this year, but wasn't quite as happy about it as Vera was about hers. She did enjoy the big pumpkin-shaped cookie we got her from Three Dog Bakery though.
Camila seemed less than pleased with her costume...

but no less than in years past.
After the annual shaming of the pets we took the night off from work and went to Border Grill where we were served by a guy dressed as a bear-Jedi. Or maybe a Jedi-bear. It was hard to tell which, and I was too shy to ask. After that it was off to the LA Phil where they were playing The Cat and the Canary with live organ accompaniment. I had never seen the picture (kind of a goofy horror/comedy silent from 1927) or been to the venue, so it was time well spent. When we told the Jedi-bear where we were going he was quite jealous.

Sadly, now it's time to take the skeletons down from our trees and turn our thoughts to other things. For instance, what to dress Vera as next year!


  1. Love those outfits and that poster is great. Glad you had a good time.

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