Sunday, June 2, 2013


Are you reading KINSKI yet? You should be! The first issue is available digitally now from Monkeybrain Comics via Comixology, and the second is already up for pre-order. What's it all about? Well:

"Frustrated with his dead end career as a chicken feed rep, Joe is looking for something. Turns out that something is a four-month-old black lab puppy named Kinski. Joe is going to save this dog. What at first seems like a simple rescue mission escalates into a righteous crusade...but crusades don't usually work out so well, do they?"

By turns funny, poignant, and irreverent, Kinksi is, in my  opinion, the best way you could spend $0.99. And I'm not saying that just because I'm married to the creator either. Still not convinced? Check out this review from someone who doesn't work in a studio directly down the hall from Gabriel. And then gather up your closest canine companions, fire up your favorite electronic reading device, and spend some quality time with KINSKI.

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