Tuesday, October 22, 2013

NYCC 2013 - The Belated Recap

We've been back from New York Comic Con for a week and we're finally over the con crud. It was a crazy few days as it always is, so I won't even try to write a recap. Instead, how about some photos?

Gotta love our hotel. It's all ship themed, including portals as windows and model boats in the lobby. Also, you could see the Hudson (sort of) from our room.

The con doesn't start until the afternoon on Thursday, the first day, so we ran uptown to see the Balthus exhibit at the Met. I used to work in the gift shop there many, many years ago and I always like to visit.

You can tell you're getting close to Javits Center, where the con is held, when suddenly everything starts referencing comics and pop culture. I found this frog outside a coffee shop several blocks away. Yes, I did try their coffee. I couldn't let that frog down!

It's not news to say this con is crowded. Even so, I did get over to Art and Franco's table in time to get a real live (well, stuffed) Action Cat. And it was super nice of Mariah Huehner to add a Fizzgig to my Fizzgig sketchbook. My one major regret of NYCC '13 is that I didn't get one from Marc Laming after all too.

It's always a surprise to lay everything out on the table and see how much work has been done since the last con. Or table was pretty crowded so I know that we've been busy.

By the time the con ended gorgeous fall weather had arrived in NYC and we were sorry to leave the city. So we walked around a bit, visited one of our favorite dinner spots (any Red Bamboo fans out there? That place is great!) and the cats at Bleeker Street Records. And of course The Strand, which will ship books home for $0.99 each. Which explains the giant heavy box that was just delivered to our front door today...

In short, thanks for showing us a good time, New York City! And thank you to everyone who came by to see us at the con. Now, back to work!

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