Thursday, December 26, 2013

Preserve the Tapir Preservation Fund!

Tapir lovers unite! People who know me know that there is one animal that I admire above all others: the tapir. There are four (wait! Not four, possibly five! A new one has just been discovered... Hopefully!) species of tapir and every single one of them is endangered.

For years now I've made jewelry for the Tapir Preservation Fund (you can find that here) and run a little etsy shop (The Frog Bag) that gives 20% of everything that sells to the Tapir Preservation Fund. Why? Because they fund quality, science-based conservation work. So much of their money is funneled to tapir work "on the ground" that very little is ever used for basics like updating their website. It's to the point that the old one really isn't very functional any more, so they're running an Indigogo campaign to bring it up to speed. It's a fantastic resource, full of tapir facts and conservation information, it just needs a bit of an overhaul. The campaign funding goal is grand, but at base only about $4000 is needed to make a huge difference. But with less than 53 hours left they are less than half way to that benchmark! So, if you have $5 burning a hole in your pocket, consider giving the tapirs a boost? They'd really appreciate it!

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