Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Harbor Seals!

What's the best thing about the California coast? That's easy. Marine mammals! We saw a ton on a recent foray up above San Francisco. The area there is beautiful anyway, but it's even better when you notice all the seals.

SALT POINT - So called because people used to come here to harvest salt from the fissures in the rocks. It was practically deserted when we visited, cold and misty, and absolutely perfect for spotting seals.

GOAT ROCK BEACH - What a crazy place! This is supposedly the "deadliest beach in California." There are signs everywhere that tell you "don't turn your back on the ocean" and advise "how to survive this beach." You aren't supposed to go near the tideline, the rocks, or the cliffs. No wonder the seals and sea lions like it so much! When we drove by we saw several sea lions playing in the surf and even in the Russian River, but when we went back to get photos only harbor seals remained on the sand. It was bitterly cold, windy and raining, and the seals didn't much like us being there. That's okay, because I got a lovely new camera lens for my birthday so we still got some nice shots without having to get too close. 

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