Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Return of The Crooked Man

Last year Gabriel and I wrote and Gabriel drew a webcomic for called The Crooked Man. Set in San Francisco in 1906, the project involved a huge amount of research  and attention to detail, especially for Gabriel who had to accurately depict The City before the great quake. 

We had a great deal of fun with it and put in a ton of work in a very short time, but then let it languish for months. Now that nearly 
a year has passed we aim to fix that.

We are currently throwing around story ideas and getting the rest of the tale in shape. Hopefully before too long we will have some fresh pages to show off and a proposal for a complete graphic novel. 

  If you would like to see the work we did last year, visit
 Zuda to see the first 16 pages of the story. 

In the mean time, here is an early synopsis: 
Early April, 1906 - San Francisco's residents have no idea that their world is about to be engulfed in chaos. Vice cop Piter Rassmussen has a comfortable home with a wife and daughter who love him. His beat is Chinatown, a place both uniquely American and very foreign. Amon Pen is a disfigured Veteran just returning from China. More than five years have elapsed since he fought there in the Boxer Rebellion. He and Rassmussen couldn't possibly live more different lives, but now Amon is hunting Piter throughout the young city. Loyalties will be tested and broken as secrets from the past are exposed to the harsh light of day in a city first shaken by the Great Quake, then stripped bare by conflagration. Even when society is reduced to its most basic components, the need for vengeance remains.

So, very soon I will be thinking a lot about the past!


  1. cool blog! Good luck with the monkey! Looks like a tough task! They are so cute when they are small, but I visited Thialand and those monkies are just evil! They steal, bite, and throw crap at people! Tourists AND locals. I'm sure they are better behaved in the zoo though.

  2. Haha, don't count on it! That is exactly why monkeys make such terrible pets!

  3. I loved this comic. Count me in for a front row seat when it returns.

  4. As a champion of this comic when it was in the Zuda competition, I must say this is great news indeed! I know I, along with the rest of the Digital Strips crew, would have been heart-broken had you never continued the work.

    Congratulations and I can't wait to read the rest of the story!

  5. My jaw dropped when I saw the comic illustrations. Those are amazing!

  6. Midnight, thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed the story so far. Hope we can get more done soon!
    Lilly, thanks for checking it out!

  7. Angie, thanks! I have to say that Gabriel is truly a brilliant illustrator!

  8. Wow. Fantastic work. Definitely want to check out Heathentown, too. I guess it's no surprise to find you up to something amazing...

  9. Thanks Becky! 600 (Will) you are much too kind, and thank you!

  10. Thanks for stopping into my blog (Sunset at Anthony's). You and Gabriel are SO talented! I love it!

  11. Thanks! I'm always so happy to see a tapir around these parts! :)


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