Saturday, February 27, 2010

Who Ya Callin' Chicken?

I'll be honest. Chickens used to freak me out. When I was very young a giant (well, it seemed giant) rooster attacked me for no reason while I was playing in my grandfather's back yard. I know you're probably thinking that I pulled his feathers or mocked him or something, but I swear, he was just a reprobate.

These days I love chickens. What changed my mind? Ironically, it was another violent act, this time perpetrated by a hen. My mother-in-law was house-sitting a small farm in Florida when we dropped by for a visit. Several hens wandered the back yard. We shared a bit of bagel with them, but one was more interested in stalking something hidden in the palmettos. Quick as a flash, she came up with a small lizard, tossed it into the air, and swallowed it down. Unbelievably bad ass! I had always thought of chickens as idiots, but here was one that would have made its dinosaur forebearers proud. Don't get me wrong, I'm not only a vegetarian, but I have a special fondness for lizards. Still, the hunting prowess of this bird was amazing. Maybe there was more to chickens than I thought...

So now I count myself as a chicken lover. I've even been known to collect a bit of chicken art, if
it depicts these noble birds in all their multi-faceted splendor.
That's why I was so excited when I spotted this wall hanging in Tatty Tiara's etsy shop. It came in the mail today, and I love it! It's even better in person than in the picture.

I also love these vintage stuffed chickens from BlueBirdSales. They're cute, but not in a condescending way.

Then there's always the custom chicken option. These guys, from HedwigzInch, are made to order. Who wouldn't want a one-of-a-kind felt hen? I know I do!

So, take time to appreciate some chickens today. In all of their bad-ass, lizard-and-bagel-eating glory.


  1. Best part of chickens is holding and stroking them! They are so soft yet firm and fall asleep. I used to have 4 hens too and their eggs were the best! Thankfully I've never been attacked.

  2. I love those felted chickens, they really have facial expressions! I used to work at a rehab centre for owls, and we kept our barn owls in a real barn with chickens nearby in a separate enclosure, but you'd have to walk through the chicken yard to get to the barn owl barn, usually while carrying (dead) mice for the owls. Those chickens became quite good at stealing mice from us, and would run around the yard with tails hanging out of their beaks. It was a little creepy. I still would like to have a small flock of chickens one day though, I've heard that individually they make great pets!

  3. Cute chickens!!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! It made me feel better! :)

  4. No kidding about roosters they are vicious for good reason. One of the farmers who had free range chickens finallyt had enough of the roster and had him for dinner. the next week some coons came and attacked their chickens. the old rooster was keeping them away. Gramps used to have chickens for egg laying purposes. I wa quite fond of a couple of the old hens. they made for great pets. but his rooster was kinda fiesty as well

  5. I never thought about the fact that roosters have to protect the flock! Hmm, maybe it makes more sense now! Thanks for pointing that out!

    Hannah, you're welcome!

    Victoria, what a great story! I knew chickens were crazy!

    Erin, that sounds adorable.

  6. Cute chickens! Love your picks especially the felt one. :) However, I don't think I will be sharing my bagel with the chickens anytime :P

    Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier.

    God Bless

  7. lol thats sweet! i think im having a similar thing with spiders. used to have a terrible fear of them but since my son came into my life im having to brave being in the presence of them so not to freak him out, and each encounter is gradually making me feel more comfortable, which i never thought possible before! who knows i may love em one day :D

  8. Thank you again, so much! That was actually the third chicken bubbles painting I did - I just haven't listed the other two. I just kept painting them because they were just so much fun, so you can appreciate how delighted I was when someone who makes felt tapirs and fire hydrants bought one. I know you can appreciate a good chicken bubble!

    Those other chicken items are so very cute. Love those colorful little vintage guys.

    I wanna see a chicken hunt a lizard!

  9. I love chickens and can't wait to get some once we move to more land. Hurrah for chickens!
    PS: I adore the smell of a chicken coop, I think because of my childhood. Pig poo on the other hand...

  10. Now that's a good chicken story.

  11. Yay, chickens! I had a few in Colorado, and considered them quite special. My tapir also had a couple (one after the other; somehow one of them ended up flat one morning), and they would sleep on the back of his neck and share his food. I've never been chased by one, but my grandmother used to have to chase the rooster so her brother could get to the outhouse without being attacked :)

  12. Love the little vintage chickens.

  13. I just got my three chicks in the mail today!


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