Sunday, March 7, 2010

Emerald City, Here We Come

Guess what? Chicken butt!

Okay, not really. Maybe I'm still stuck on that last chicken post. Let's try again...

Guess what? Gabriel and I are going to be at Emerald
City Comicon next weekend in Seattle! We'll be holding down a table in Artist Alley. Table J-04, to be exact, but you can also find us in the program under either Gabriel Hardman or Corinna Bechko. We'll be selling copies of our graphic novel Heathentown and Gabriel's new sketchbook. Gabriel will be available to do sketches at the show too. If you would like one, he's taking pre-orders at $40 until Thursday evening. Tweet him @gabrielhardman. He'll do the sketches at the show, but if you wait to order one there it will be $45. Gabriel also did a piece for the Monsters and Dames charity book, so check that out! It's really cool, and it's for a good cause.

In short, if you happen to be in Seattle this coming weekend and like comic books, stop in and see us! We'd love to meet you in person. We'll even give you a Heathentown button.


  1. How'd the sketchbook turn out? I'm looking forward to getting my hands on one when you two come out to the east coast for a show later this year. Maybe we can grab a drink or some grub as well.

  2. Fred, that'd be great! To tell the truth, the sketchbooks are being delivered until Tuesday, so I'll let you know ;)

    We'll be at the CGS Super Show, right near you, at the end of March!

  3. Good luck at the about pressure, Wow! Drawing at a show! That's real talent! :)

    I'm doing my first show next Saturday! It's local, in Wisconsin. I've been a featured jewelry artist at two open houses in the past, but there'll be competition at this one! I'm a little nervous! And I've sent out invites!

    Again, hope your's turns out well. Sounds like you're a pro! :)

  4. Wow.... had heard about this briefly, but didn't pay much attention to it. Hadn't realized that it was in Reading either. Only a fe hour drive from me.... hmmmm, decisions, decisions.... are you two planning on going to the NYCC again this fall?

  5. Thanks jlc! And good luck on yours! I'm sure you'll do great. I always get nervous before shows. All that time hanging out in my studio by myself, and then I'm confronted with all those real people! Yikes! But I always am so glad that I went by the end.

    Fred, we are trying! I'm not sure yet, but we just got good news from our accountant so it's looking more likely. We're also going to HeroesCon in June.

  6. sounds good! im not in the US but good luck for the show :D

  7. Can't wait for ECCC! I'm on the list for a Punisher sketch, can't wait to see how slick it turns out!!

  8. Rad! I'll be close by in Artist Alley somewhere. I'll have to try and swing by if I get time for a stroll.

  9. Wow good luck in Seattle! Hope you two have fun!

  10. Thanks to you, I just learned something about sea lions. I had no idea they bite upside down, but I have a lovely photo of one lying on its back showing teeth!


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