Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ice Age-O-Rama!

Once, long ago, I studied anthropology. But even then I secretly wished it was paleontology. Eventually I ended up with a degree in zoology. I want there to be some way to make "zoo keeper" rhyme with all of that, but alas. I guess I'll have to just get to my point instead...

Which is just that I am still very much interested in paleontology. Almost as interested as I am in living tapirs. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out that there is going to be a talk about ice age tapirs at a museum (sort of) within driving distance of my home!

Hopefully I can get the day off work and actually attend. If not, I'll have to content myself with factoids from the internet. For instance, did you know that the skull of a 1.8 million year old giant sloth was just unearthed in Palm Springs? Just picture it: a 12 foot tall sloth roaming the desert, maybe pausing poolside for a cool beverage... Too bad I never got that paleontology degree. If I had, I would know that the California landscape looked very different during the Pleistocene. Maybe I should just content myself with one of these 3-D ground sloth puzzles from the Tapir and Friends Animal Store instead.

Or I could buy myself some jewelry, like this tiny bronze Smilodon skull. Forget diamonds. Real women prefer tiny reproductions of fossils. At least, that's what this woman prefers. Hey, maybe I could wear it to the tapir talk!


  1. Corinna, what a fantastic post, even without the plug for Tapir and Friends :) OF COURSE Real Women wear fossil reproductions!!! And LOL about the giant sloth going poolside! Occasionally my mom still sends me articles about fossil finds out there in San Bernardino County. It's turned into a real treasure trove, and who knew? If I still lived there, I'd be at that museum every weekend, but then (I hope nobody from home reads this), that has to be the most exciting thing going on in the region :)

  2. Thanks Jean!

    Tapir, I was surprised by that too! I know the Tar Pits are full of ancient mammals, but who knew about San Bernardino? But yeah, I think that might be the most exciting thing happening there ;)


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