Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Squirrel Appreciation

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This has been a bit of a stressful month so far. First we caught the plague at Comicon, then our (three year young) hot water heater went supernova and spewed water all over Gabriel's studio. Then, on the same day, we discovered that we needed a major plumbing repair in the yard. Clearly, things weren't looking up.

So it was a great relief to see this squirrel massage video. I swear, it turned my entire month around!

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With that in mind, I thought maybe some squirrel appreciation might be in order.

Yes, squirrels can be jerks. I used to work with wild fox, ground, and grey squirrels, and I can assure you that, pound for pound, few animals inflict as much pain when they bite you.

Even in my current job as a zoo keeper I'm not immune from squirrel antics. Just last week one snuck into my food prep area while I was making dinner for (ironically) our squirrel monkeys. I guess none of the food was to his liking though, since he simply urinated on the celery before scampering off.

Does this make me dislike squirrels? Hardly! It does make me appreciate them for what they are though. Cute and cuddly? Not really, although you wouldn't know it from that video. Bad ass? You bet! Watch out world, here comes a squirrel! And me too, as soon as I get our house put back in order.


  1. OMG, he urinated on the celery? Somehow cute and yet so naughty ;)

  2. My father, known to some as Da, got the biggest kick from watching the squirrels in his backyard in Houston.

  3. ha ha, I love squirrels, they're always up to no good :)

  4. 聰明人之所以不會成功,是因為他們缺乏了堅忍的毅力。.................................................

  5. When I was in college, I fed the squirrels on campus and told everyone I wanted to own a squirrel farm. Weird, I know!

  6. Cute and fluffy from a distance! I would not want one of those little buggers to get near me, they look like they have nasty teeth.


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