Monday, July 4, 2011


Today is July 4th, 2011. That means 235 years have passed since the Declaration of Independence was signed. 235 isn't round, or divisible by much (just 1, 5, 47, and 235) or dripping with mythology like 13. It seems like a rather prosaic number. But fear not. I've made a list to liven it up.

1. 235 in Roman numerals is CCXXXV. But you knew that.

2. 235 is a square-free number. It has exactly two non-trivial prime factors.

3. 235 is the atomic mass of the isotope of uranium that is used in nuclear reactors.

4. There are three interstates with the number 235 in the U.S. One each in Iowa, Oklahoma, and Kansas. I personally have never been to any of these states so you'll have to take Wikipedia's word for it.

5. There are 235 pixelated Star Trek characters on this poster.
As seen on Boing Boing

Hmmm. I'm out. Perhaps 235 isn't a very interesting number after all. And now I want to watch Star Trek and have a girly cocktail. Two great things, now that I think of it, that the U.S. has given the world. So, happy birthday Declaration of Independence! I'm going to go celebrate.


  1. Well that post was chock full o' mathy goodness!

  2. I loved this blog! Star Trek and girly cocktails where do I sign up?


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