Monday, July 25, 2011

Stan Lee, Primate Fan

Photo from Wired
I don't know how I missed this news back in June, but apparently Stan "The Man" Lee is a fan of primate conservation. He, together with Dean Haspiel, contributed a strip to the online anthology Panels for Primates which benefits the  Primate Rescue Center in Kentucky.

The Primate Rescue Center states that its mission is "to alleviate the suffering of primates where ever it occurs". It provides sanctuary for 11 rescued chimps and 40 monkeys but its work doesn't end there. It also educates the public about the plight of apes and monkeys, encourages compliance with laws and welfare statutes, and works to end the trade of primates both in the United States and world wide.

Rhesus macaque at the Primate Rescue Center
Stan Lee at 88 seems to have more energy than a young macaque. He the guest of honor at every comic book convention I even think about attending, which I believe must put him on the road more days out of the year than even Bob Dylan. How did he come up with the time to team up with Mr. Haspiel for this strip? I can only guess that Mr. Lee must truly care about primates. Which is terrific, because now I'll have something to talk to him about if I ever end up in a convention center elevator with him.


  1. I didn't know Stan Lee was a primate fan! Just another reason to respect him...

  2. Pretty cool, huh? I didn't know either!


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