Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Liar Approaches!

Sneak peek of the cover!
That's right! There will be a brand new 8 page action/adventure/espionage/big explosions short graphic story from the creative team of Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko on sale digitally for just $0.99 tomorrow.

Gabriel and I wrote it together and then he did the art and colors. I'm proud to say that I also did the flatting. And if you read the story, you'll see just what a challenge that was. Yeah, I know flatting isn't a big deal, but I'm very proud of the whole package, and not afraid to say so!

I'm also proud that it's one half of August's Double Feature Action #2. Double Feature is an innovative new app that features "two comics by top creators for $0.99". Every month they put out a themed "double feature": fantasy, horror, sci-fi, or action. You can purchase them for your iPad and get tons of extra content like commentary by the authors and production artwork on every page. Don't have an iPad but want to check it out? You can also purchase a DRM-free PDF.

Hope you enjoy The Liar!

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