Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Liar is Here!

Last Tuesday I posted about my new 8 page action-adventure-espionage graphic story that's one half of this month's Double Feature.

Well, I'm proud to say that it's available for download now and has been getting some pretty good reviews from fans of exploding stuff. "Feels like David Cronenberg making a Diehard movie" was my favorite, from Aaron Alexovich of SERENITY ROSE and ELDRITCH! fame. ELDRITCH! is one of my favorite digital comics, so seeing Aaron tweet that made me very happy.

Gabriel Hardman and I worked hard on THE LIAR, and had a lot of fun with it too. Double Feature's innovative app allows you to see commentary and process art as well as both of each month's stories for just $0.99. A steal at half the price!

If you like espionage stories, or stories about things exploding, or just really need a bit of spine-tingling action in your life I hope you'll check out THE LIAR.

Hate those things? Then skip down to the next post instead. It's a picture of my dog about to take a nap. And she hates explosions.

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