Sunday, September 18, 2011

What We Found Under the House

No, not a body. Something much better! An ancient Matchbox station wagon:
It's a Mercury, to be exact:

But there's a bit of a mystery: apparently this type of Matchbox car was made only between 1955 and 1968. Our house was built in '78. Hmmm.
Anyway, it was manufactured in England, and has seen some pretty rough times by the looks of it. I think it's fabulous, all the way from its faded lime green body to its little molded plastic passengers: two happy canines peeking out the back. 
It already had a bath via the garden hose, but after a sounder scrubbing it's going strait into a display case. I dare you to prove that you found anything cooler under your house today.


  1. I think you win the coolest thing found under the house today award! It is quite lovely! :)

  2. Sweetness. I used to have one of these! If my niece & nephews haven't completely destroyed it, it's still residing under my Mom's house. Well, in her basement, that is. ;)

  3. Thanks!

    Dallan, maybe you should dust it off! I noticed when I was researching mine that ones in better shape go for a little bit of $$ ;)

  4. Very cool! When I was a kid we used to bury all kinds of things in the yard. Stick collections, toy cars, massive quantities of bottle caps. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

    I love the two dogs in the back!

  5. I haven't found anything under the house today...actually, we don't even HAVE an "under the house" here (we're on a slab). Have to say I'm glad though, as I am sure I couldn't top that one anyway - Most awesome :o)

  6. Thanks Vegan!

    Asterope, I did that too! No idea why, now... ;)

    Haha, Jen, thanks! I lived in a house on a slab in FL for most of my youth. It didn't keep me from finding cool things in the yard though! :)


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