Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Betrayal of the Planet of the Apes #3 - Tomorrow!

A page of Gabriel's art from BETRAYAL #3
Where did 2011 go? It's already the first week of January, which means another issue of BETRAYAL OF THE PLANET OF THE APES is hitting comic shops tomorrow.

This is the next to the last chapter of our APES story, but never fear! Another four issue miniseries is on the way, starting in March.

The new story is a sequel to BETRAYAL, called EXILE ON THE PLANET OF THE APES. It's written by me and Gabriel Hardman, with gorgeous ape art by Marc Laming. We're lucky enough to have the talented Jordie Bellaire on colors again too.

The response to BETRAYAL so far has been fantastic. Thanks so much to everyone who has given it a chance! Working on these books has been a great way to round out 2011... And begin 2012! Happy New Year, everyone!

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