Sunday, January 8, 2012

Meet New Kitten Vera

Every cat loves the "Feline Dream Curl" scratching post

Yes, it's true. There's a new kitten in the Bechkman household. Her name is Vera. 

She had a rough start in life so we were afraid she would be too skittish to settle in with our crazy dog Camila and our grumpy cats, but it's been almost a month now and so far, so good!

Not at all sure about that camera...
She still hides a lot of the time, but now at least she hides in the same room with us instead of trying to get as far away from us as possible. When things are quiet she's extremely affectionate, so hopefully she'll settle down before too long.

We hadn't planned on getting another kitty so soon after losing Fredo. I told my vet that we might consider a kitten if he heard of one that was black, had an extremely sad story, and really needed a home. I was confident that there would be no kittens available until the spring... Wrong! The very next day one of the techs called us. She had found a half-dead kitten two weeks before, starving in a parking lot, barely surviving off of the stale Christmas cookies that fell out of a dumpster behind a grocery store. It's likely that she was abandoned there as opposed to being born feral. Like I said, a very rough start!
Posing in front of our film collection, of course.

The tech was surprised that she had made it living like that as long as she had, and named her Amazing Grace. This being Los Angeles and Amazing Grace being a bit of a mouthful, we rechristened her with a movie star name: Vera. Doesn't she look like she could grow up to be the femme fatale in a feline film noir?

So there you have it: a new kitten for the new year. Welcome home, Vera!

Vera's first venture out of hiding, two days after moving in with us.


  1. Aw, Vera looks like such a sweetie! Our kitty Ritz was a hider when we first got him, he was very reluctant to come out from under the comfy chair I sit in while I knit. Now he's quite the sassy kitty and struts around like he owns the place (because he does!)

  2. That's great to hear, Vegan! I've been trying really hard to get her to come out more and it seems to be working. Loud noises still scare her and she doesn't like our dog much, but hopefully she'll be like Ritz soon! That's a wonderful name for a kitty, by the way. Love it!

  3. She looks just like my Annette, who despite never having a rough day in her life still, at 17, has a skittish streak. No reason for it, and it hasn't led to any stress related illness - she's a very healthy and beautiful 17 - just part of who she is. Hopefully Vera's will be but the faintest memory in no time, but eh, even if she stays a bit on the shy side I'm sure she'll enjoy her happy life with you guys very, very, very much. Congratulations!

  4. She's beautiful and a lucky kitten indeed! The second photo of her reminds me so much of my black girl, Maggie.

    Congrats on a wonderful new addition!

  5. Vera, you're so cute and now you have a great home. You're a Hollywood Star!

  6. What a lucky girl! And, yes, every kitty DOES love the Feline Dream Curl. I need to figure out how to replace the sisal that my cats have shredded completely off the toy!

  7. Aww thanks everyone! Thanks for backing me up on that, Upcycled ;)


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