Thursday, February 24, 2011

Emerald City, 2011!

Has it really been a whole year since the Emerald City Comicon, where you can see great art and the Space Needle?

I'm not complaining though. Gabriel and I love Seattle, so we're really happy to be back in the Emerald City next week! We'll be at Table C-07, selling copies of Heathentown, meeting tons of cool comics folks, and Gabriel will be doing sketches.

Want an original Gabriel Hardman sketch for yourself? He's not taking pre-orders this year, but you can get on his list at the con. The price list is as follows:

9x12 single character pen and ink: $75

9x12 two characters pen and ink: $125

Hope to see you there! The con is three days long this year, so take a moment to stop by and say hello. And yes, we are happy to accept donations of those fabulous chocolate covered cherry things they sell in the Pacific northwest. How nice of you to ask!


  1. Okay I've always wanted to go to Seattle - we used to get one of their tv stations here when we were growing up, and it looks beautiful. I didn't know they did good chocolate covered cherries. Now I HAVE to go!

  2. Neat! I want to go. Too bad it is all the way across the country and I don't have a teleportation device to use to beam me there. :(


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