Sunday, February 27, 2011

What Should be Seen on the Red Carpet

It's Sunday. The Sunday before Emerald City Comicon, as I posted a couple of days ago. The day I should be madly shopping for sweaters, cleaning house, tracking down our box of pristine copies of Heathentown...

But instead I'm waiting for the Academy Awards to start and playing on Twitter, which is filled with Oscar tweets. And a fair amount of those are red carpet tweets. Which made me think: what would I like to see more of on the red carpet?

The answer, of course, is trilobite tattoos. Why do celebrities shun them? That's a riddle that may never be solved. Luckily, google didn't let me down though. Want to see what I found?
This one is pretty impressive, I think, and fairly true to life. Yeah, I'm a little envious.
Hey, it's a steampunk trilobite! I have no idea what body part this adorns, though, and that freaks me out a little.
Trilobite in action! This guy seems to be zinging through the Paleozoic ocean which sits atop this persons foot. This is a very jaunty trilobite tattoo in my opinion.
Yeah, I know this one isn't a trilobite, but it's quite impressive anyway.

So there you have it. A virtually content-free blog post full of pretty things. Just like watching the red carpet pre-oscar show!


  1. The top one is very especially cool. If I think about them too hard trilobites give me the oogies, but I fight it back because they are just so neat. And I guess because I know there's no chance of finding one in my basement.

  2. Haha! That's a good point. I wonder what they'd really look like though... What with their weird crystal eyes and presumably many, many little feet?

  3. So if you get one of those and your old like me, will they really call me a walking fossil?

  4. I really want that trilobite one, it is amazing!

  5. Trilobite tattoos! What a great idea. Your blog is so fun. I love visiting it. :)

  6. These are great! Funny, I just dug out a lot of my old fossil sketches from my college Historical Geology class, and was thinking about using them in new art pieces. I was thinking trilobite graffiti.

  7. Absolutely love it!!!
    I also have a trilobite tattoo. I trinucleid on myh hip :)


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